Tactical Gun Range Rules

Backwaters Tactical Range Rules and Standards of Conduct


The Backwaters Tactical Range (BWTR) is a membership only facility. Members must complete a safety briefing with one of the BWTR Safety Officers and must read and sign range rules and standards of conduct, at that briefing. Any violation of the below listed rules will result in an immediate termination of membership and the individual will be barred from the property in addition the range cadre will also seek any other criminal charges that may have occurred.

1. Range may only be used during cadre approved times and with a BWTR safety officer present
a. A list of the cadre and Safety Officers will be provided at the Safety Briefing
b. Range Awareness Map will also be provided at the briefing
2. Zero Tolerance for Alcohol, at no times is Alcohol permitted on the property any individual that is suspected of consuming alcohol prior to attending the range will have their membership terminated.
3. Know and Obey all range commands.
4. Know where others are always.
5. Shoot only authorized targets.
6. Shoot only inside the range limit indicators to the right and left.

7. Ground level targets are not authorized without proper backstop and proper ballistic geometry. This will reduce the possibility of ricochets. Exceptions will be made for small bore varmint silhouette competitions.
8. Use Range only when Range Safety Officer Present.
9. Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and ground and / or bench all firearms during a cease fire.
10. Anyone at the range can alert a cease fire.
11. DO NOT handle any firearm or stand at the firing line where firearms are present while others are downrange.
12. There are three ranges, 200-yard rifle, 100-yard rifle and a pistol / zero range only one range may be open at a time.
13. Always keep the firearm muzzle pointed at the backstop and downrange. Never allow a muzzle to point in any direction whereby an inadvertent discharge would allow the escape of a projectile into an outer area.

Please keep in mind this facility is meant for all members to enjoy. Sportsmanship and respect is a requirement, profanity will not be tolerated. Respect each other and enjoy.